Marimo5 Co., Ltd. signed MOU about a strategic business partnership with Central Trading Co., Ltd. (TANITA Thailand)

Second from the left: Mr.Ty Chirathivat, Senior Vice President of Central Marketing Group

Second from the right: Mr.Shigeru Yamato, CEO of Marimo5 Co.,Ltd.

Leftmost: Mr.Varut Satidtanasarn, Vice President, Consumer Electrical & Prestige Products

 Rightmost: Mrs.Aki Yamato, Vice President of Marimo5 Co.,Ltd.

Marimo5 Co., Ltd. (Marimo5) and Central Trading Co., Ltd. (CMG) which has operated “TANITA Thailand” for around 40 years, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 21st March 2016 toward a strategic business partnership, aiming to the increase of a healthy and happy workplace in Thailand.


In this strategic business partnership, Marimo5 and CMG jointly develop the attractive package service consisting of TANITA’s health-related product and Marimo5’s health education for corporate customers. For instance, Marimo5's food education workshop combined with TANITA's professional body composition analyzer enables Thai people to have "awareness about their dietary behavior" and "opportunity to monitor their health".


TANITA’s kitchen items such as a digital kitchen scale and salt checker are provided as a part of Marimo5's chef training program for a healthy and happy canteen.



Furthermore, Marimo5 and CMG will closely work on the development, promotion and sales of “Monitoring Your Health (MYH)” for corporate customers. The “MYH” is the Web-Based Service developed by TANITA in Japan to control and promote employees’ health by using TANITA’s product, application and wireless network. We will develop the locally tailored service for Thai people’s health and happiness.





 Caption of the pictures (From left to right):

1.Ms.Nuch Paoboon, Brand Manager Tanita 2.Mr.Varut Satidtanasarn,

3.Mr.Ty Chirathivat, 4.Mr.Shigeru Yamato 5.Ms.Aki Yamato

6.Ms.Chanatkarn Amornworasin, Food and Nutrition Specialist of Marimo5

7.Mr.Sukitti Eammongkolchai, General Manager for Home & Electrical Appliances



About Marimo5 Co., Ltd.

Marimo5 develops the workplace health education service and provides it to corporate clients in Thailand, aiming to prevention of NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases).

The service include "Health Education Workshop for Employees", "Canteen Evaluation and Improvement", and "Healthy Product Promotion in a workplace". Marimo5 also organizes the international seminar and workshop related to healthy and happy workplace in Asia, including sustainable supply chain management and a decent work.




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Ms.Aki Yamato