"Lose Fat Program" at Thai Daizo Aerosol Co., Ltd. is conducted by Marimo5 for the 1 group (30 persons). We aim to let employees get awareness about their health condition and lifestyle through useful health education programs. Then, the sustainable healthy corporate culture will be created in the companies.

        In the first group, the program has been conducted for 3 months (November 2016-January 2017) based on the 3 topics as follow.

       1. Awareness

       2. How to change?

       3. How to continue?

        More than 60% participants lose weight and those who was successful in this program lost more than 7 kg in 3 months and she still continues to keep her new lifestyle.

       Marimo5 will follow up these members through our Marimo5 Health Station Service. The Program for 2nd group starts on 22nd February (Wed).