"Workplace Health Promotion Seminar" is jointly organized by the Malaysian Health Promotion Board  (MySihat) and the Social Security Organisation of Malaysia (PERKESO). This seminar place the utmost importance of educating, informing, creating healthy workplace setting as well as sharing knowledge and experience in the prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) among workers through active participation of the employers.

      This seminar will provide guidance to employers and management of organization in creating healthy culture at workplace for healthier and productive workers. With the theme of"Healthy Employees Make Healthy Businesses", this seminar will provide inspiration to employers about the importance of healthy employees as assets to guarantee the productivity of the company.

       Mr.Shigeru Yamato, CEO of Marimo5 also shared the best practices both in Thailand and Japan. We look forward to working with the companies in Malaysia soon.

The Minister of Ministry of Public Health emphasized the importance of workplace health promotion