Service Detail

1.Health Education for employees

Marimo5 develops our own unique health education workshop.

Our original workbook is used for the basic food education program and

we also provide the 3-5 months intensive program for the high risk group of the employees.


Made to order program is available based on the companies' concerns and needs.

The session is 90 min and basically, we offer the program during the working hours.


【Them of the workshops】

-how to prevent the constipation

-how to keep your bone strong

-alcohol and health

-improvement of the quality of sleep

-woman health~hormone and food~



2.Canteen evaluation and improvement


Marimo5 visits the clients' canteen and evaluate the current situation.

After the 6 months chef training, we provide the basic information as follows;


[6 months chef training]

-Healthy canteen and hygiene

-Calorie Workshop


-Vegetables, organic and non-organic

-Healthy Menu cooking demonstration

-Presentation by each shop



3.Healthy Product promotion at a workplace

Marimo5 produces the canteen to be the health information hub to reach the information and products related to health. 

We build the relationship with the corporate clients who sell the health related items or services and  support to 

promote them at a workplace as utilizing our nutrition knowledge to attract the employees.



*Measurement of the employees' body as using the body composition machine and provide the group counselling by  

  Marimo5 nutritionists.

*Tasting of non-sugar green tea or tomato juice

4.Research and Development for Asian Healthy and Happy Workplace

Now is the time that the business goes across the boarders and the operation cannot be concluded within one country.

Globalization brings the countries together and human mobilization occurs everywhere. Based on this situation, the importance

to create the common shared value and new scheme to develop the healthy and happy workplace as assuring the employees'

human rights.


Marimo5 is the company established by Japanese  in Thailand and has obtained the knowledge and experience in Asia.

As a 1st step, we try to create the network of the companies or practitioners who have the same mission to achieve the healthy and happy workplace, especially focusing on the Asian context.

5.Organize the international conference or seminar

Health and Productivity Management(HPM)” is still new concept so that it is very important to keep sharing the information related to this HPM. Through various international conference or seminars, Marimo5 will promote the importance of HPM and look for the potential business partners who can drive this movement together.

6.Human Resource Development Training

Marimo5 believes that human resource development is essential to increase the number of passionate management in the future. Based on this thought, Marimo5 provide the learning program or training program for young professionals and university students. One of the most successful programs is the collaboration among GiFT, Toyo University and Marimo5 called "Diversity Voyage". 


The learning field is deeply related to Marimo5's strength and business domain, "health and food", and we work with the organizations, companies and people who have the same mind and passion to commit themselves in this field.